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Small Plates & Salads
Mixt Greens $4
Choice of balsamic vinaigrette, buttermilk ranch, bistro bleu cheese or oil and vinegar  
Crab Artichoke Dip
Served warm with 3 cheeses and bread and chips for dipping  
Sunset Salad
Greens, chips, jack, chipotle, ranch, bonfire beans, salsa fresca, avocado; add chicken $3; add shrimp $4  
Pacific Lettuce Wraps $8
Island chicken salad, cucumbers, almonds, lettuce leaves, cilantro
House Caeser
Romaine hearts, homemade dressing, croutons; add chicken $3; add shrimp $4
Bistro Bruschetta
Toasted ciabatta, aioli, tomato-basil fresca, olives, parmesan
Del Valle Salad
Greens, balsamic vinaigrette, pecans, apple, blue crumble, dried cranberry; add chicken $3; add shrimp $4
Monterey Ceviche
Marinated shrimp, crab, cucumbers, avocado, salsa fresca, chipotle ranch, crisp tortillas
Norcal Nachos
Monterey jack and cheddar, bonfire beans, salsa fresca, olives, green onion, chipotle ranch, jalapenos, add avocado $2 and chicken $3

The Bevs
Soft Drinks
(pepsi, diet pepsi, sierra mist, rootbeer, orange soda)
House Brewed Ice Tea $2.50
Lemonade $2.50
Arnold Palmer $2.50
Strawberry Lemonade $3
Peerless Coffee $2.50
Iced Coffee $2.50
Black or green tea $2.50
Picnic's Bittersweet Hot Cocoa $2.50
Cold Milk $2.50
Chocolate Milk $2.50
Sparkling Flavored Waters $3
Pelligrino Mineral Water - Large $4
The Sandwiches!
Bob's Classic
Smoked kielbasa, sauerkraut, brown mustard spread, cheddar, warm ciabatta. sliced onions on request.
El Capitan
Roast turkey, bacon, aioli, cheddar, tomato, grilled wheat. add avocado $1.50  
Pacific Coast Highway
Crab/artichoke salad, cheddar, tomato, grilled sourdough. add avocado $1.50  
Mission Peak $7
Ultimate grilled cheese. 4 cheeses, tomato, aioli, grilled wheat
Big Sur
Chicken breast, artichoke, jack, salsa fresca, chipotle ranch, warm ciabatta. add avocado $1.50
Tahoe Bleu
Roast beef, portobello mushroom, jack, tomato, bleu cheese sauce, grilled sourdough
Mario's Kitchen Sink
Roast beef, turkey, bacon, jack, olive spread, lettuce, tomato-basil fresca, warm ciabatta
Feather River
Roast garlic hummus, cucumber, jack, salsa fresca, chipotle ranch, lettuce, warm ciabatta
Santa Maria
Roast beef, cheddar, brown mustard spread, lettuce, tomato, roast green chile, warm ciabatta
Sonoma b.l.t.a
Thick bacon, aioli, lettuce, tomato, avocado brown mustard spread, grilled sourdough
Rio Del Mar
Portobello mushroom, artichoke, jack, olive spread, tomato-basil fresca, grilled wheat
Silverado Trail
Turkey breast, jack, roast green chile, lettuce, salsa fresca, chipotle ranch, warm ciabatta

Sweet Tooth
Tiramisu Parfait $5
Brownie Chunk Sundae $5
Old Fashion Rootbeer Float $4
Berries & Cream Shortcake $5
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
Rotating flavors. ask what's the scoop?

Group Picnic Packages

Try our convenient take-out packages. These are satisfying 3 course picnics that are perfect for your group outing. Packages can be multiplied to accommodate any number of guest. Packages for 20 or more people need one day notice and 50% deposit.

Sandwich Choices are:
Rio Del Mar (veggie), Santa Maria (roast beef), Silverado Trail (turkey)

Beach Umbrella
Monterey Ceviche
4 sandwiches
Serves 4-8

Valley Basket
Pacific Lettuce Wraps
4 sandwiches
Serves 4-8

Mountain Bench
Bistro Bruschetta
4 sandwiches
Serves 4-8

Extra Sides:
Picnic potato salad, honey'd fruit salad, bonfire beans n chips

Pint (serves 4) $8
Quart (serves 8) $15

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